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Water resistant guide

Many of us have the belief that if our watch says on the back of the box " Water Resist" or " Waterproof " means we can submerge without absolutely nothing happens , which is a serious error.

If our watch says it is " Waterproof " We set ourselves to what extent it is resistant to ensure that our use will be correct and so we will ensure a long life.

All brands of watches are based on the same standards in regard to this issue, and this is because there a rule for it. DIN 8310 regulates the construction criteria and test pressures must respect the new watches .

This resistance to water is generally from 3 ATMs / 30 meters to 20 ATM / 200 meters , this data can verify the housing of your watch .

Note that the fact that your watch says it has a water resistance of 30 meters , does not mean that you are 30 meters underwater but 3 atms , which will explain you more easily in the image above:

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